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Computing - Enabling us to solve problems, develop resilience and think differently.

At Victoria Primary School, we understand that computing and ICT will play a significant role in the lives of our children at home, in the next stage of their education and in their workplace. As a result, we ensure their experiences and opportunities are developing knowledge and building abilities that are both transferrable and effective life skills.

We work to help all our children to understand that computational thinking and programming skills help them to understand both the natural and digital systems in the world around them. We provide opportunities for children to use a range of technology safely and confidently and to express themselves and be active participants in the digital world. Computing is integrated into everyday teaching and learning to engage, inspire and record our bespoke curriculum at Victoria Primary School.

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“Children must be taught how to think not what to think.” Margaret Mead

“What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool we have ever come up with. It’s the equivalent of the bicycle for our minds.” Steve Jobs

Computing at Victoria Primary School…

  • Helps children to learn to problem solve
  • Challenges children and helps them to develop resilience in learning
  • Helps children to learn from mistakes and apply that learning to finding solutions
  • Help children to learn to think logically
  • Expands creativity and increases confidence
  • Is a tool that support children in presenting information in a range of ways
  • Provides a fun platform to learn basic facts and practice skills
  • Develops key life skills that they will need throughout their future lives

“Every girl deserves to take part in creating the technology that will change our world and change who runs it.” Malala Yousafzai