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How will we support your child when they are leaving this school? OR moving to another year?

We recognise that ‘moving on’ can be difficult, especially for a child with SEND. We personalise our transition to ensure that these are as smooth as possible. 

  • If your child is moving to another school:
    • We will contact the school SEND Leader and ensure he/she knows about any special arrangements or support that need to be made for your child.

    • The SEND Leader will arrange additional visits to new schools for your child and personalised resources to support transition may be used.

    • Staff from the receiving school may also visit to see your child in their current setting.

    • We will make sure that all records about your child are passed on as soon as possible.

  • When moving years in school:

    • Information about your child will be shared with their new teachers.

    • Children move to their new class the first week in July to ensure that the new class teacher and child get to know each other before the start of the New Academic year in September.

    • If your child would be helped by a personalised plan for moving to another year, we will put this in place.

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